Twin-Cities Based Muralist Visits Coon Rapids

Renowned muralist Greta McLain presents her life’s work to motivate Anoka-Ramsey artists. 


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Another Generation Returns to School

Fifty-five-year-old ARCC student Julie Ploetz shares her experiences.

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Student on the Street - If You Could Change One Thing About Cambridge Campus, What Would It Be?

Students describe what changes they might like to see at Cambridge campus. 

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Finding love is easy at Anoka-Ramsey’s spring musical “The Boy Friend”.


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National Health Freedom Action Visits Coon Rapids

Complementary and Alternative Medicine Club Invites Speaker from National Health Freedom Action 


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History professor Dawn Alexander-Payne challenges her students with questiosns about their civil liberties and whether George Washington would be a hero of the colonies had lost the Revolutionary War. Photo by Ellyn Gibbs.

Keeping history fiesty

History prof gets students to see all sides of the story By Ellyn Gibbs InkSpot contributor Updated: May 31, 2013 Dawn Alexander-Payne made one student so angry, he jumped up from his seat and walked…

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Audiofile: The science of Astronautalis

By Brayden Mann Staff Writer Minnesota’s hottest new rapper is breaking through the mainstream incorporating rap, folk, techno, and indie rock. His name is Astronautalis and he has a lot of people talking, including people…

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Unofficial student newspaper pulled

Jose Barela and Brayden Mann Staff Writers A new unofficial student publication arrived on campus in early December and has already attracted attention. The second issue of the Student Underground was pulled from campus over…

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Students want to know: got an app for that?

Anoka-Ramsey in talks  for D2L Smartphone Application By Rob Zelenak Staff Writer Want to check on your grades anywhere you go? There might soon be an app for that. Student Government leaders are pushing the…

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A world of magic and war

Challenging play includes puppets, magic, and pigeons Jake Osterbauer Staff Writer Some people have labeled “Las Hermanas Padilla” as an impossible play to produce. Sound issues, magic effects, and doves delivering death notes across the…

Home-schooled student Andrea Sandeen worried that she would be writing "50 papers a class" when she arrived in college. PHOTO BY JOEY JANOWSKI

A Haven for Home-Schoolers

Nontraditional group is a small but potent force on Cambridge campus  By Adam Holte InkSpot staff Updated: Dec. 1, 2012 Andrea Sandeen, a student at Anoka-Ramsey Community College, grew up in an educational environment that…