Ideas to keep in mind while thrifting

Find yourself in love with fashion but not the prices of new trends that come and go? Then thrifting is perfect for you here are some tips and tricks for those who want to become a common thrifter and save on clothing.

By: Billy Brouillard & Molli Reeder

Staff Writers

1. Go in any thrift store open minded.

You don’t want to set yourself up for disappointment if you don’t find exactly what you are looking for. Keep in mind certain colors or pieces you want you may be surprised. It is alright to leave empty handed.

2. Look at everything in the store.

Go through everything in the store clothes may be out of place or in the wrong section. Women may find clothes they like in the men’s section and men may find clothes they like in the women’s section you never know until you look.

Sign leading to a local thrift store. Photo credit: flickr

3. Thrift wherever you go.

After you have visited all the thrift stores in your area and want more visit all the thrift stores in other cities you visit. Every thrift store has different clothes so take advantage of it while in different cities.

4. Look for clothes with wear.

Quality is better than quantity so don’t force yourself to buy something if it doesn’t look as nice as you would want it too.

5. Look up brands you are not familiar with.

Some brands may be worth more than you think. Designer brands may be overlooked at thrift stores and marked a lot lower than they should be.

6. Watch out for sales.

Some thrift stores may have sales weekly or monthly you can take advantage of. Even some churches may have thrift sales where people donate things for sale and clothes can go for very cheap.

7. Make sure you keep clean.

Wash your clothes after thrifting for cleanliness. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on you or in the car while thrifting to keep your hands clean. If you are buying shoes while thrifting make sure to use foot spray before wearing them.

8. Go Thrifting Often.

Thrift stores get restocked very often with new clothes. You never know what a thrift store might have in stock they didn’t the day before.

Inside a typical Goodwill store. Photo credit: flickr

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