Five Great Ways to Feel Better After that Thanksgiving Meal

Try out these tips to ensure an enjoyable break

By: Molli Reeder

Staff Writer


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1. Try a detox water. My personal favorite is cucumber water. You can get a fruit infuser tumbler at the Dollar Tree. Yes, I did just say a dollar store. It is so nice and you can put anything you want in there. You could do lemon, lime, or whatever else comes to mind. These simple detox waters will help flush out any toxins that are in your body and will help you feel refreshed and ready for that Thanksgiving pumpkin pie or Black Friday shopping trip the next day!

2. Dance around with your friends and family. Honestly, dancing is one of my favorite things to do no matter where I am. I will stand up and jam out to my favorite song whenever I feel like it. You can make a simple playlist on Spotify, or search up your favorite songs on YouTube. Quick, simple, and fun!

3. Meditate. Sounds crazy, I know. But if you give this a try it honestly helps calm any nerves and relaxes your body before heading off to bed or even before starting your day. YouTube can be your best friend in this situation. You can type in anything regarding simple yoga routines and breathing exercises.

4. Catch some serious z’s. Sleeping really helps rejuvenate the system and works like a charm. Who cares if you end up sleeping past your alarms? Nobody can wake up a sleeping beauty.

5. Laugh it off! My family and I laugh about almost everything. No matter it being something totally inappropriate or just plain old silly. Laughter is the best cure to anything. Cue up some Vines while the app is still running (RIP Vine), find those old YouTube videos you used to watch ages ago (I told you YouTube will be your best friend) and lastly you can simply throw on some Saturday Night Live skits. You can never go wrong with some SNL.

I hope you all enjoy time with friends and family over break, and that you can put some of these tips to use. They all have their own little perks. I am sending many positive vibes to you during this holiday season! Remember to smile and be thankful.

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