Student Government Efforts Benefit ARCC

The smiling faces of ARCC student governnment

Help is available to students through the assistance of Student Government at Anoka Ramsey

The smiling faces of ARCC student governnment

The smiling faces of ARCC student governnment – Photo credit: MSCSA

By Joe Massaquoi
Staff Writer

Student Government is an organization that represents people facing common issues of being a student at ARCC.

“We as a student Senate are here to represent the student’s voice,” said Cole Ostendort, student at large within Student Government.

Student Government gives a voice to students who might otherwise struggle on their own.  Student Government is made up of ARCC Students who work together to make student life better at Anoka Ramsey for all.

Students are elected annually to serve in positions such as president and vice president.  Throughout an officers term, they will facilitate the operations of the Student Government Club.

“We are elected by the students for the students. All we do is for the betterment of the student life as a whole,” said Andrew Pierre, ARCC Legislative Director.

A focus of Student Senate is to help disadvantaged students that may have a disability of some sort or may be financially disadvantaged.

“My main goals, this semester, are to help meet the 80A (part of the American’s Disabilities Act) compliance rate…and orientation so students are prepared to attend college for their first year and beyond,” said Becca Larson, president of ARCC Student Government.

On Dec. 2, for instance, the Student Senate will consult President Kent Hanson and vice president for Administration and Finance on the college’s budget.

Student Government members work weekly to help students reach their goals, improve student life, and help students toward future success.

“What we do is for the students, not just current students, but also for future students,” said Larson.

Students Government has existed on campus for more than 9 years.

Student Government meets every Wednesday at 2 p.m. at ARCC in B206.



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