Tabata: How to get in shape

Halie Bliese

How does high intensity interval training also known at tabata, sound?

Yeah… Exactly… I did not know what Tabata was until five minutes before the class started. I looked at my friend Emily and asked her, “What is tabata even?” She had no clue so I went to Google and looked it up. And of course we would pick the hardest thing there is to do, high intensity interval training.

We knew we were both going to get are butts kicked.

We walked into the fitness room to see five other ladies and the trainer ready to do tabata. I looked at Emily and she said “here goes nothing!” Sheila the trainer greeted us and asked us if we were ready. It started out pretty good actually we warmed up with some jump-jacks, squats, and running. Sheila stated, “Oh, this is just the warm-up.”

We did many exercises and Emily and I pushed ourselves as hard as we could. The exercises included weighted ab workouts, burpees, squat lunges, and many others. Sheila that trainer was very motivating and made you want to just keep trying. We did three rounds of all the workouts which equaled out to be exactly one hour of working out.

After the workout I felt very refreshed, like I could still run a marathon. I felt very eager to do more because it made me work those muscles I haven’t worked in a long time. During the class I wanted to give up, but seeing everybody else do it made you want to keep going, and push yourself. The fitness room was just the right temperature for working out and Sheila had the best workout music that kept you motivated.

I would recommend attending this class every Wednesday if you want to work-out and get in shape. It is a really fun free class to students at Anoka-Ramsey Community College

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