Basketball Wrap Up

Micah Malamisuro



The men’s team had a great season and ended the tournament in third place. I would say that is nothing to be ashamed about. The team played well all season and was able to call themselves winners in the end, by winning the last game of the season. They ended the season at 19-11 and won eight of the last 10 games. Not to mention an amazing 11-3 record against the conference teams. They scored 76.8 points per game led by Trenton Pollard’s 20.7 points per game. Also the guys shot a pretty good percentage from behind the arc at 36.6 percent and a 45.6 percent from the field overall. Justin Casey and Robert Ben led the team in rebounding grabbing 7.1 and 7.3 rebounds per game respectively and the team got 37.3 per game. Robert Ben led the team in shooting percentage with a 53.4 percent of his shots falling. Chris Byrgiotis and Trenton Pollard led the squad with 2.8 assists per game apiece. The team ended the season with a below average free throw percentage at just 67.5 but it seems like the team worked through it. Joel McFall led the team shooting behind the arc at 45.2 percent. All in all at the end of the day the men’s team had a great season. There is nothing like going out with a win and being able to put a smile on your face when the year is over with. First place is always the goal but this just means there is something to work on for next year’s players to get hungry about. I believe the team’s most valuable player this year was Trenton Pollard because he contributes to the game on so many levels. Offensively and defensively, his speed is hard to anticipate and he always excelled at the game. Next year someone new will step up and be the shining star.



The women were not able to end on the same note that the guys were able to end on. They lost the first game of the tourney, but this season should not be forgotten. It was a winning season ending in 15-13 but just couldn’t end on in strength losing four out of the last six games. They scored 71.4 points per game led by Mataya Racek and her 20.8 points per game. The women just had a problem down the stretch where they averaged about 55 points per game in their last seven games, which will most likely not win you any game. The women shot 39.6 percent from the field overall and about 30 percent from behind the three-point line. Maya DeLao led the team with 3.2 assists per game and was crafty all year long. She runs this team and you can tell right when you walk in the gym. Mataya Racek also led the team in rebounding with 8.4 per game almost averaging a double double, which are two stat lines above 10. The women might not have ended the season on what they had planned but a winning season is a winning season.

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