CAMBRIDGE VOTES: Student Senate candidate platforms

CAMBRIDGE VOTE TODAY! MARCH 3, 2015 starting at 11:30 A.M. 

Cambridge students are voting today to elect a new student government president and vice president. The Campus Eye spoke with Chaz Miller and Minda Nelson about why they are running for office. Miller is running for president and Nelson is running, unopposed, for vice president. Miller’s running mate, Andre, did not respond to our email queries. 

By Danica Minzel

Staff Writer



1)      What got you interested in student government?

What got me interested in Student Senate was rooted in the large number of clubs that I have been in. I noticed a gap between what each club member would know compared to what was being done in the business aspects of the school. I only had to attend a couple meetings and I was hooked.
2)      If already involved, what responsibilities do you have in student government now?
I currently hold the position of director of records, or what most consider the secretary. I also represent student senate in the parking committee, and will do so on the food service committee in the near future. I represent other clubs as well on the student life budget committee and the campus activities board.

3)      What would change once you are elected?

I have a passion for this school and a passion for action in through the student senate. I believe that holding the vice president position can enable me to act more in many aspects. I am and will do my best to ensure the best connections between clubs, classes, and business.

Our campus provides some of the best opportunities for student life, and it is my intention to make that the best and most enjoyable experience for every student at ARCC.



1)      What got you interested in student government?
I love this question because I ask myself everyday why I joined to help me remember why I joined and what I have accomplished in student government. One thing that helped me was I’ve always been interested in politics. I figured this was a great way to get involved more in my school and become a stronger leader in the college community and outside of school.
2)      If already involved, what responsibilities do you have in student government now?
    I’m currently the vice president of student government so I help assist the president in all the presidential duties.I help advise the student government with all parliamentary procedures. I also help assist in any internal affairs of student government. With my position I also sit on eight different committees on our campus as the student representative. I also have two Minnesota State College Student Association positions. The Steering Committee reviews the MSCSA working documents as directed by the Steering Committee Strategic Plan, President, Governing Council, or General Assembly.
3)      What would change once you are elected?
My determination as a student and representative for the school would grow even more with this position. I will push myself to be a better student representative and advocate for students even more. I can promise that I will work even harder then I do now even if I am not elected as president I plan on being more then what I am today. As for change for the school I hope to see the Registered Nursing program grow because we have one of the best RN programs. Hopefully more colour in our school and more art work throughout the school as well. I want to push more student life things on campus like a better lounge on campus. I’d like to see our total club count grow or the clubs become more active on campus and work together to make events on campus more lively and more involved. I am also planning on doing a scholarship campaign next year to get as many students to apply for the scholarships that are on campus.
4)      Why do you think you are the best person for the position you’re running for?
I believe I am the best person for being president because I have been in student government for quite sometime and I know what is expected of me as a student representative. With the experience I’ve obtained over the last year with my leadership position and my positions with MSCSA I’ve become a strong leader and voice of the school. I also think I am the best person because I am very dedicated to the school and student government. I’ve spent late nights working on committees, reading through paper work, and I am actually going to Washington D.C. to speak to our lawmakers about the three major issues that effect us as students. (College affordability, financial aid to help all students, and credit transferability issues.)
5)      What will you do if elected?
One thing that I plan to do if elected is continue to advocate for students on major concerns that students today still face on a regular basis: College affordability, financial aid to help all students, also help with credit transferability issues. I will also advocate and push for ARCC to be one of the cheapest two-year colleges in Minnesota yet be one of the best in the state. I will take trips down to our state capitol and speak to or state representatives  and hopefully go out to Washington D.C. to speak to them again as well.


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