The Bus Stops Here

An Option to Avoid the Parking Problem

PHOTO BY MIRANDA SCHMIDT Some ARCC Students opt for mass transit.

Some ARCC Students opt for mass transit.

By Ashley Dierkhising

Staff Writer

With the problem of the parking here at Anoka Ramsey Community College, there may be a solution. Metro Transit busing is an option here at ARCC. Last year at ARCC, Metro Transit installed a bus stop right across the street from Lot 4 which is also known as overfill parking.


With the chaos at the beginning of the semester, bussing may or may not be a good option here at Anoka Ramsey.


“I would take the bus if it was more convenient for me and I could avoid parking,”  PSEO student from Anoka High School Kelsey Terrio said.



The busing schedule doesn’t work for everyone. For example Terrio doesn’t take the bus because it is not available at the area and time that works with her schedule.


“I’ll deal with parking. I guess it doesn’t bother me so much,” Terrio said.
Other students say they would never take the bus.


“I would rather walk and park by the thrift store than take the bus. I’m not a fan of the bus. I’ll pass on the bus,” ARCC student Joe Famoso said.

ARCC student Shelia Lindenfelser, finishing her generals to become a 2nd-grade teacher, said there is no way she would take the bus.


“Even though I live in Albertville, I wouldn’t take the bus. I get at ARCC early enough to avoid the parking mess in the mornings,” said Lindenfelser.


Some students at ARCC said they wouldn’t ride the Metro Transit bus. But bussing may not make a difference in the parking lots.


According to ARCC Public Safety Officer Tom Deroush, more bussing opinions on campus will not affect the chaos in the parking lots.


“People are inconsiderate and will not just pay attention. More bussing ideas would not help with the situations in the parking lots here,” Deroush said.


Metro Transit bus line 852 is the most frequent bus that comes through the ARCC campus. Bus line 850 is also an option. Bus passes that offer unlimited rides last through the whole semester are available in the Book store for $140. Without a bus pass, the bus fare for route 852 is the Express fare of $2.25 during non-rush hours and $3 during rush hours.

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