No Free Parking at ARCC

Students frequenty leave large gaps between cars, limiting parking in ARCC Coon Rapds campus lots even further.

Students frequenty leave large gaps between cars, limiting parking in ARCC Coon Rapds campus lots even further.

PHOTO BY LAUREN KASTNER   Students frequently leave large gaps between cars, limiting parking in ARCC Coon Rapids campus lots even further.



School is already tough enough and even before you step in the school, there’s another struggle.

By Taylor Kong

Staff Writer

Most of us have the same daily routines everyday, wake up, get ready, drive to school and finally… finding a parking spot. As we roll into our second month of the semester, you’d think that some of the parking would’ve cleared up by now.

The issue usually arises at around 9am when most people have classes and doesn’t end until around lunch time at 12pm. Especially with the varying weather during the winter, not only is the parking lot full but some cars take multiple spaces making it hard for others to park correctly.

“I come early so it’s fine for me. But when I have classes at noon, I have to come to school looking for a parking spot at 9am. Otherwise, I’m screwed” said Bailey Hoffman, a PSEO student from Anoka High School.

While many people shrug off this issue because it usually happens at the beginning of every semester, it does not seem like the case for this one.

“It was terrible last semester, it’s gotten even worse this time around,” Said Hoffman.

Hoffman isn’t the only person having an issue with the parking this semester, in fact a lot of students have voiced out their concerns to the administration.

“We get a ton of complaints every day,” says Joe Barragan a student worker at the information desk.

Not only the information office though, the security desk gets just as many complaints..

“We receive so many many complaints a day, we’re just trying to do the best we can to address and organize them,” says security guard Tom Derouse.

Parking isn’t just one problem all by itself, it also impacts students arriving to classes in time.

“I was late to class last semester, I had a math class at 10am and arrived at 9:40am. I still ended up being 10 minutes late to class in spite of coming 20 minutes early. I have a friend who had to park at GoodWill and ended up late,” said Hoffman.

In light of all of the parking issues we’ve been seeing, students have some opinions on how it could be improved and their opinion of the design of the parking lot.

“I feel like there should be more overflow, I don’t like the design at all. I feel like it’s weird and there isn’t enough space,” says Patrick Rains, a student at Anoka Ramsey.

Besides wanting more overflow, students say the current available space could be improved too.

“I feel like some of the marked off spots should be open, or they should add more space to the parking space in general,” said Hoffman.

As of now, there does not seem to be any upcoming plans to change the parking lot. That certainly does not mean that there are not temporary solutions though. As students, being aware of surroundings and others could help the parking issues. Parking straight, not leaving big gaps or checking to see if you’re taking multiple spaces could save other students time. Even if official actions aren’t taking place, doing your part as a student helps the school as a whole.

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