Got Stress? Join a Club!

Club members at Anoka Ramsey Community College’s Cambridge campus agree that campus clubs alleviate stress.

By Danica Minzel                                                                                                          

  Staff writer

CAMBRIDGE–For many of us, joining college has piled on the responsibilities we have, leading to excess stress. Most people would agree that the burden we felt through high school could not compare to the pressure we got after enrolling in college. Is there a method to stress relief on a college campus?

ARCC has student clubs to fit almost anyone’s interests. During the club fair on Jan. 28,  where many of the clubs lined up to attract potential new members. Students representing clubs unanimously said joining campus activities was a good idea for college students.  Students said being in a club gives participants opportunities to socialize with others and to help expand their interests.

President of the Student Senate, Shayla McKinney-Buck,  said she feels more involved in campus life, while before joining, she never stuck around campus after class. Joining Student Senate gave her more stress, McKinney-Buck said. But it was the “good kind” of stress and it has allowed her to feel more responsible.

The Spanish Club watches films and participates in on campus events to help educate themselves and other ARCC students about the Spanish culture.  The club is “a chance to interact with other students.  For the same stress price, I get a broader experience,” Stephen Pearce, a current member of the Spanish Club, said.

Students get to experience more hands-on activities as members of clubs.  The Art Club takes field trips to museums and participates community activities like creating the gas station mural in the F wing of the Cambridge campus.  For some, joining a club has done more than allow for fun with their current interests. President of the Art Club, Sarah Larson, has changed her major since joining the club.  She is now attending college for art therapy, which she says is not something she had considered before joining Art Club.

Many of the clubs advertise on poster boards around campus with their meeting time and place, but if you wish to check out more options, there is an organized spreadsheet of Cambridge Campus clubs complete with advisor e-mails and meeting times on the ARCC website.

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