Common Pleasures

A Cambridge class visits residents across the street for storytelling.

By Sydney LeMay, Contributing Writer

The residents of The Commons at GracePointe Crossing, across the street from the Cambridge campus, definitely had a day to remember. On October 24th Professor Anderson’s Introduction to Communication class made a visit to the assisted-living residents and performed storytelling skits. The skits ranged from twists on well-known fairy-tales to new stories we all could pass down a generation or two.

Being in the class myself, I did enjoy performing skits to all of the residents, and you could tell they all appreciated it. I also spoke with some other students and classmates of mine and asked them how they felt about doing this for a project. Many said they enjoyed heading over there. One student said, “It put some spunk in the class. Being able to have some fun in class once in a while is great, and what better people to do it with!?”

The residents had fun themselves as well. Even though I didn’t have too much time to chat with them, I did get a chance to sneak a few questions in with a few. I wanted to know how they felt about having a random class come in and perform for them. One lady I spoke with, who will be unnamed, mentioned how it was lovely to see all of this and she is hoping to see it again soon.

At the end of my group’s performance, I realized that residents here don’t get to see as much as they used to. How crazy it is to think that one class coming in to put on little skits could amuse so many people. It really makes you understand how important the little things in life are. All in all, everyone had a wonderful time, whether they were performing or watching. There was never a dull moment in the room.

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