Card Games Aren’t Just For Kids

Activities are diverse in the Student lounge located on the lower level by the coffee shop.

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When you step into the student lounge, you’re probably going to notice that it’s usually filled with a variety of people attending to many different hobbies. Some of the hobbies include using the gaming consoles that are available, playing a round of chess, and checkers on the dedicated chess table. One of the biggest groups in the lounge is the card game community. Even though these students are playing what appears to be a childrens game, their players would argue the games are fairly in depth.

Activities are diverse in the Student lounge located on the lower level by the coffee shop.

Activities are diverse in the Student lounge located on the lower level by the coffee shop.

The lounge can go from ghost town to lively conversations wherever you turn in a matter of minutes. The gamers really like how the setting is in the area.

“It’s a much better atmosphere in here, it helps me relax and I’m not afraid that I would bother others here,” said Jon Palla.

Palla is not the only one who feels comfortable in the lounge.

“The chairs are better and you get to meet an altitude of people with similar and different interests. There is also video games you can play,” said Sam Sisson.

Besides the activities and events that happen in the student center, the students really seem to enjoy the overall vibe that the room gives out.

“There’s a lot more people here and it’s very lively,” said Joe Barragan.

The popular games these students play are, Magic the GatheringYu-Gi-OH!and Weiss Schwarz (a relatively new game that features anime characters), and to a lesser degree, Pokemon or Cards Against Humanity. For Palla, Sisson, and Barragan, when they aren’t studying they are playing games in the lounge.
They all happen to participate in this hobby, with Barragan playing both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Weiss Schwartz, Sisson playing Yu-Gi-Oh! and Palla playing Weiss Schwartz. These gamers are dedicated now, but that hasn’t always been the case.

“I don’t remember when I started playing card games. I enjoyed it because I like mental games and things that make me think, like for example chess,” said Barragan.

Strategy is a big reason on why people start playing card games

“One day I saw some kids playing a card game and it interested me, I liked how it was strategy based,” said Sisson.

Another big influence is seeing other peers playing

“I started last year when I saw people playing the Weiss Schwarz in the lounge. I found it interesting. I don’t play Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh!, because I find them to be too expensive,” said Palla.

In the student lounge card games aren’t the only activity students are involved in. You never know what kind of people are hanging out that may share the same interests as you.

Joe Barragen

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Favorite game: "I use a Vocaloid deck in Weiss Schwartz." What he thinks about the cost to play//how much he spends: "I haven’t spent anything really on Yu-Gi-Oh! but have spent 25 dollars on Weiss Schwartz." Does gaming impact your school work? “It affected me last semester, but it is now [self] controlled.”

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