Bemidji State Offers Four Year Program at ARCC

By Gail Wilson

Staff Writer

Bemidji State University is offering a degree in Business Administration at Anoka-Ramsey Community College in Coon Rapids.

“We are trying to give a four year degree in Business Administration that is affordable, convenient and accredited,” said Anthony Iaquinto, Associate Professor at Bemidji State University.

Bemidji State is encouraging students who are already at ARCC to enroll in the program starting in January.

PHOTO BY LAUREN KASTNER Bimidji State has an office in the student lounge next to the coffee shop.

Bemidji State has an office in the student lounge next to the coffee shop. SC172

When students have to transfer to larger universities it can be costly. Bemidji State University is attempting to offer a better deal.

“It is an option for student that want to get a four year degree and can’t afford to go to private universities here in the metro area or the University of Minnesota,” said Iaquinto

This program is affordable way for students to earn a business degree.

“This is an attempt to make it as inexpensive as possible and as easy as possible for students who might see a clear path to making [a four year degree] happen,” said Dean Frost, Professor of Bemidji State University.

According to Iaquinto, receiving this degree in Business Administration is very versatile. Bemidji is offering two programs: one in management and other in entrepreneurship.

According to Iaquinto, management courses look at general managing of companies, and entrepreneurship courses focuses on establishing an business.

According to Frost, Business can be about transportation and logistics. It can be about manufacturing and service operations. It can be warehousing and distribution, sales marketing, customer service, the financing of business and the hiring of people.

“The average business person doesn’t do every single one of those things but a graduate with a four year degree knows how to learn or can do all of those things,” said Frost.

The goal of the program is to teach the students during normal class hours and one on one student and instructor interaction.

“If they choose to do online courses they can. If they want to do night courses they can. But the goal of the experience is to provide a lot of contact with professors during the normal daytime hours,” said Frost.

Having Bemidji State here at ARCC has the chance to open up doors in a way they may never could have in any other way.

“I came from a very disadvantaged background so I am very excited about making this happen in a way that is not intimidating for people who don’t have parents that both went to Universities, that don’t have brothers and sisters that can explain how to do those things, This is opening the door for people. This is a clearer path to getting a university degree on a different kind of career, “said Frost.

“It’s cost advantageous for all three parties; students, ARCC and Bemidji state,” said Iaquinto.

Actual faculty from Bemidji will be teaching on the ARCC campus for this program.

“I think that the average person has some farfetched ideas about a higher education. This is a very new and innovative idea. Have the professors come to you. Take them out of the ivory tower and let the learning happen where you live,” said Frost.

For further information on getting a B.S. in Business Administration, students can call (763)-422-6119 or (763)-422-6114. Students can email Dean Frost directly at or email Anthony Iaquinto directly

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