Cambridge Club Spotlight: Hearts Ablaze

By Rose Kelzenberg

Contributing Writer

Would you rather fight one hundred duck sized horses or one horse sized duck? This is just one of the many random questions we will ask you if you get chosen for the “hot seat” in Hearts Ablaze, the Christian club on Anoka Ramsey’s Cambridge Campus. The “hot seat” is an activity we do to get to know each other. One person is chosen each week they sit in the middle of the group while everyone else asks them questions. Questions range from how many siblings do you have to how many five year olds do you think you could fight off?

Jarred, a co pastor at First Baptist, leads the Bible Study. This semester we are going through Acts, the 44th book of the Bible. Acts is about the beginning of the Christian church and the labor of the Jesus apostles. First we read a chapter, and then talk about what we thought regarding the passages or any questions we have about the chapter. When the time runs out, Jarred says, “I like to leave time to pray for and with one another.” He asks if anyone has a prayer request and then we take time and pray for those requests.

Hearts Ablaze also volunteers at a lot of events. In October we are going to be serving at a fundraising event for the Pregnancy Resource center in Cambridge. We also volunteer at Feed My Starving Children, an organization that packs and ships food all over the world to help the underprivileged. It is a wonderful place to donate time and money.

The heart of this club is to encourage one another in the Lord and reach out to others on campus. Hearts Ablaze welcomes all new comers and builds friendships that last beyond the college life. Joseph, former president of Hearts Ablaze, says “Being sixteen and going to a college is slightly intimidating, [but] with the friendly atmosphere, it was a great way to meet people in my classes.”  Come join us, ask that random question that you’ve never asked someone before, and meet new people.

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