You Don’t Have to Start Off the School Year Alone

PHOTO BY LAUREN KASTNER The Academic Support Center is located on the main level across from the bookstore SC160

PHOTO BY SAM GENTLE Courtney Hickman and Ryan Steffano working on homework in the Academic Support Center in early September

Courtney Hickman and Ryan Steffano working on homework in the Academic Support Center in early September

By Sam Gentle

Staff Writer


Students Courtney Hickman and Ryan Steffano are working on homework at the Student Support Center and are ready to ask a tutor for help if they need it.

“I am just grateful that there is a place to come when you’re not sure of something. It brings peace of mind knowing there are people to help you here,” said Nick Becker. Nick, a nursing student, was very appreciative of the tutoring help he received at the Student Support Center located right across the bookstore. All students enrolled at Coon Rapids, Cambridge, or Anoka Technical may use these tutoring services for absolutely free.

For most academic subjects there are professional and student tutors available to help students with anything from writing a philosophy paper to helping you with a dimensional analysis problem in chemistry class. Student tutors are available for walk-in help and professional tutors may help you with an arranged appointment. Students also may come into the Student Support Center to work on homework, to use computers, and even to borrow calculators.

Generally tutors are hired after they have been recommended by professors after being recognized as excelling in certain subjects. Typically student tutors have had the entry level classes and some advanced classes in their field(s) of tutoring, so they are well-qualified in the subject(s) they tutor.

Tutor Gail Miller says that often students needing academic assistance are initially afraid to ask for help and often wait to come for help.

”Letting the fear of not succeeding in a class override that fear,” said Gail Miller for students who are afraid of going in for help, Gail suggests Gail went on to say that the tutors are really just there to help people become successful so you shouldn’t be afraid to ask for it.

The tutors are anxious to help students and are happy to provide academic support to anyone as confirmed by Nick Becker who described the tutor who tutored him as helpful and friendly. Tutor Gail also indicated that the tutoring center is a great resource for studying for finals. Students may feel free to stop in any time for help from tutors or to form study groups with other students.

Common subjects that students come in for help with are math, chemistry, and writing in general. It is suggested that students wanting help come prepared with the materials such as their text book or homework problems for the tutors to look at so the tutor can help as much as possible. Also, it is best to plan ahead because it is almost impossible to provide much help the day before a paper is due or two hours before a big project is due.

With the semester already into its fourth week, stop by the Student Support Center and don’t be afraid to ask for help. As Albert Einstein said, ”The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked.”

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