Campus security report @ Coon Rapids

The following incidents were reported to Public Safety on ARCC’s Coon Rapids campus in March and April 2014.

3/6/14 –  911 was called to the ARCC campus for a student who was pale, shaky, and feeling faint.The student was checked by paramedics, and found to have slightly low blood sugar. The EMT’s recommended the student drink some juice to bring the blood sugar level up, and was not transported to the hospital.

3/6/14 –  CRPD Reserve was called from the info desk to meet a student at the lost and found office. This person claimed that his backpack was stolen out of the men’s locker room. The claimant says there were computer wires and notebooks in the bag, and decided to not make a police report.

3/6/14 –  ARCC security was called, pertaining to an accident in the parking lot. The matter is under investigation.

3/13/14 –  It was brought to the attention of security that the hand rail on the loading dock stairs was bent. On inspection, it appeared to have been hit with a vehicle. Surveillance cameras were reviewed, but nothing was found.

3/17/14 –  A student reported to have their iPod missing from the weight room during their class. Surveillance cameras outside the weight room were reviewed, but nothing was found.

3/21/14 –  A collision in parking lot 2 was reported to security, causing damage to the front bumper and fender. A police report was made. There is nothing further to report.

3/24/14  – A student reported that after returning to their car, they found it damaged on the driver’s side, rear bumper. Surveillance tapes were reviewed and show damage on arrival in lot 1. The matter is under investigation.

3/26/14 –  While on patrol, Security came upon a Honda Accord that had the front bumper pulled off. Coon Rapids Police were called to make a report. Surveillance tapes were reviewed, and were burned to a disk for the CRPD. There is nothing further to report.

4/1/14 – A staff member in the women’s staff locker room shower had fallen. This resulted in injuries to their left hip and ankle. She advised that she would seek her own medical attention. There is nothing further to report.

4/2/14– A female student reported that her phone number had been written on paper in the men’s bathroom near the gym. The paper was removed by facilities.

4/2/14 – A student reported damage his vehicle to the rear bumper and fender on the passenger side. Surveillance tapes were reviewed and proved to be inconclusive.

4/3/14 – CRPD had been called to the Coon Rapids campus due to a male student making a scene with a female student. The male student would not follow instructions from the police and had to be handcuffed. The student had been yelling, swearing, and breaking items in the administrative area of the school. The student was arrested and trespassed from the property by the Coon Rapids Police.

4/4/14 – A staff member reported to having her truck keyed, and thought it may have occurred in the parking lot. Security reviewed the cameras and did not find any supporting evidence.

4/7/14 – A student reported to have slipped and fell while exiting the men’s restroom. The student injured his head and became sore on his left side. The student noticed the pain at home and may seek medical attention if it persists.

4/8/14 – A student worker in the library reported to be missing $20 that was on the counter in the library personnel only room. The student worker’s supervisor is investigating, and will do a follow up as necessary.

4/8/14 – The Coon Rapids Security Officer was called to room H245. On arrival, the security officer found a student sitting up, but made remarks of feeling dizzy, weak, and faint. Paramedics were called, and the student was checked out. All of the student’s vitals were good according to the EMT’s, and the student did not wish to be transferred to a hospital.

4/11/14 – Broken fluorescent light bulbs were found in S137 by facilities. The waste was removed and properly disposed of.

4/14/14 – CRPD was informed by a staff member of male who was suspected of being intoxicated and falling in the parking lot. The male stated that he had been drinking and had fallen on the ground a couple times. The male refused medical attention and was transported to his daughter’s home in Anoka, where he was released to her by the police.

4/14/14 – The owner of a 2002 Honda Civic reported to having their car keyed on the driver’s side while parked in lot 3. Surveillance was reviewed, but was inconclusive.

4/16/14 – A student reported to have left their backpack in a classroom during a transition period between classes. The student returned to where they left the backpack and discovered that it was missing. The backpack held a Toshiba laptop and Lenovo tablet. The backpack, and all contents, were eventually recovered and returned to the owner.

4/18/14 – A student reported after returning to their car, noticed that their vehicle had received damage to the front bumper while parked in lot 2. Surveillance was reviewed but proved to be inconclusive. The student informed security that he would make a police report.

4/30/14 – A student reported to security that his friend took his phone as a joke. The student considered it stolen. Security is assisting. The student did not want to make a police report at this time.

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