New student president, VP, have big plans

Misty Dierkhising
Campus Eye Staff 

Kevin Parker is has been elected President of the ARCC Student Government. He is currently the Vice President.


Vice President-Elect Gary Patterson and President-Elect Kevin Parker. Photo courtesy of Chris Dang.

Parker is striving for enhanced student services and mental health awareness here at ARCC. He is passionate about forming a service in which students who are experiencing hardships can find answers and help in the community.

He is also along with Gary Patterson, our new Vice President, looking forward to tackling the transportation dilemma in which students must be dropped at McDonald’s vs being dropped at the doors of ARCC. The current student government, along with representatives from the Northstar Rail Line have put together a forum to address transportation issues and how they can be bettered.

Another task he is passionate about is the idea of cheaper textbooks. He has a great lead on both aspects.

Gary Patterson has been elected Vice President. Currently, a member of the Student Government Senate, he also has plans to work on the safety of students with regards to public transportation. He is also bringing to light that many students are lacking health care coverage by starting talks with MN Sure representatives.

President-Elect Parker invites all students to stop into the Student Government offices and see how things are run.


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