Music made visual


Daniel Dean’s See/Hear project offers a new way to experience music

Morgan Pavey
Campus Eye Staff

On Monday, March 31, students filtered into M109 to hear an unusual music project called See/Hear.

Created by visual artist Daniel Dean, it included not just music you hear on the radio, but different sounds that we hear throughout our daily lives at ARCC. The room was crowded as the presentation started. At first a student played songs that had no lyrics. Applause ruptured the room as Dean started his presentation.

“I’ve been imagining and proposing for several months,” he said in an interview after his presentation. “This is just a model of the future piece.”

Many students are probably wondering what this will look like. Well, the final creation will look like a wall of 10-foot-tall graphic equalizer.

“Technology allows us to see music in a new way,” Dean said.

So what’s the purpose of having this created for our school? Well, there’s a few. It gives students a new way to look at what music is and what students actually think music is composed of.

After the performance, one student said she thought it was pretty neat, and what she liked the most was the part on figuring out what music really is, and that they haven’t talked much about that.

Students can find out more about See/Hear and Dean’s other work at

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