Campus security report @ Cambridge

The following incidents were reported to Public Safety on ARCC’s Cambridge campus in March 2014.

3/7/14 – A Cambridge staff member slid into a snow bank with a vehicle, due to the ice caused from freezing rain. Nearby staff was able to assist pulling the vehicle from the snow bank. No damage sustained from accident.

3/17/14 – Security monitored the termination of a contracted cafeteria employee at the Cambridge Campus. There were no problems with the transition. It was reported that ARCC staff was not involved in actual termination, and only monitored for possible disturbances.

3/19/14 – A student reported to have slipped and fell on the ice in the parking lot. This caused soreness to their back and also a headache. The student stated that they did not need medical assistance, and was instructed to update security if their condition worsens. Surveillance footage of the incident was burned onto a disk. Facilities put down sand to prevent more incidents.

3/20/14 – A PSEO student, taking taekwondo, injured a hip during the exercises in the class. The student was assisted to the side of the gym and given water by the instructor, who said the student looked pale. Security was not notified at that time. The student sat through the remainder of the class period, along with the entire following class period. The student was assisted to their car via an unnamed student and National Guard soldier. The student drove home using their left leg, and after arriving home sought medical attention.

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