Campus Security report @ Coon Rapids

The following incidents were reported to Public Safety on ARCC’s Coon Rapids campus in January and February 2014.

1/14/14 – A backpack and wallet was stolen from the men’s locker room. There is a Coon Rapids police report filed on the case and they are investigating.

1/14/14 – A student worker in the bookstore reported being contacted by a student customer to the point of being uncomfortable. The worker has blocked the person from all personal devices and is waiting before filing a police report, to see if the person stops this conduct.

1/15/14 – A student’s parked car was hit in one of our lots leaving a dent near the gas tank. Security will investigate and involve the police if necessary after reviewing cameras.

1/15/14 – A student returned to their vehicle in one of the campus lots to find that it had been hit and blocked in by another vehicle. Security will investigate and will involve the police if necessary. Security is investigating.

1/16/14 – A student worker in the library complained to security that she thought she was being stalked. The student worker had informed the supervisor. The student who was making the other student uncomfortable was informed that if he bothers the other student worker again, the police would be called.

1/21/14 – Security received a 911 alert, but there was no answer at the extension. Security went to room G225, and found a student on the floor talking to the instructor. The student was transported to Mercy Hospital per their father’s request.

1/23/14 – A student reported a hit and run that caused damage to the passenger side door of their vehicle. Surveillance shows that this accident did not happen on campus.

1/23/14 – A student had slipped and fell on the icy sidewalk. 911 was called, and the student’s wrist was swollen with a large visible lump. Fire and rescue splinted and wrapped her wrist. The student refused transport via ambulance, and instead went to Mercy Hospital with her sister.

1/30/14 – The assistant basketball coach came to the security office to report possible conduct issues involving a sports team and police reports made after they spoke with some of the students. some of the students. A meeting with the Dean of Students and Athletic Director will be held and the incident further investigated.

2/5/14 – 911 was called for a student who sprained their ankle. The student was walking to the business and nursing building when the ankle gave out. The student told paramedics that she has had a problem with this ankle from time to time. The student refused transportation and instead called her sister for assistance.

2/18/14 – Coon Rapids security was notified of a student who was down outside of room B203. Paramedics and police arrived and spoke to the student’s father. Student was checked by the EMT’s but not taken to the hospital.

2/20/14 – Coon Rapids security was notified from an instructor of an individual on campus, trying to buy textbooks from instructors. Security found this person and the individual was informed of school policy and escorted to his vehicle.

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